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About Us
The Department of Hotel Management at Taiwan Shoufu University is devoted to educate and train students in becoming the professionals in hotel management. 


Educational goal
1. We train our students in obtaining professional knowledge and skills in hotel management.
2. We equip our students with capabilities of communication and being enthusiastic at work.
3. We educate our students to integrate theory with practice and being being innovative in hotel managmenet 
A total of eight faculty members serve at the Department of Hotel Management.  One associate professor, Five assistant professors (including Department head),
and Two Professional Specialist  in Assistant Professor Level.
The Department of Hotel Management is designed training professionals in hotel busineses. Therefore, a practical and training hotel with 22 guest rooms is designed
for specific course purposes such as Front Office Managment and Hotel Housekeeping course.
Academic Planning
The Department of Hotel Management offers a four-year bachelor degree.  The curriculum is developed to give the students adequate management capabilities and
professional skills. Under the discipline of the Leisure Management College, courses such as Management, Economics, Accounting, and etc. are introduced. In addition,
the program has core hotel management requirements, as well as various electives. The focal components of the program are divided into two segments.
1)Concierge and Hospitality Supervisor
2) Marketing and Entrepreneurship